About Me

I am a seasoned full stack developer with a knack for bridging gaps between user needs and system capabilities. I have been programming with web technologies for over 10 years, and I have familarity with a variety of client-side and server-side technologies. Outside of work I do some open source development, I attend local developer meetups and I run a small web shop.

Work Experience

Web Developer // Bright Star Studios

Copenhagen, 2023

Responsible for the development and optimization of Ember Sword's website, encompassing key features like authentication, account management, and game integration.

  • Architected and built a limited time NFT sale event, creating a real-time commerce application using React. This event led to $400,000 in sales inside a week.
  • Optimized the client-side JS bundle size of the company's Next.js website, achieving a 70% reduction, which substantially improved loading times and Web Core Vitals for all users as measured by Lighthouse.
  • Improved data integrity and developer confidence by introducing schema validation and GraphQL introspection to the company's application.
  • Overhauled DevOps procedures, adding support for multiple environments in a declarative manner, and enabling the team to deploy to production with confidence.
GitHub Actions

Software Developer // twoday IT Minds

Copenhagen, 2020 - 2022

Integrated into diverse teams, contributing expertise across various technology stacks and clients, from public libraries to large financial institutions.

  • Took charge of a self-service platform for Nordic libraries, successfully enabling digital payments and driving cloud migration for key web platforms to Azure/AWS.
  • Spearheaded the migration of API specifications to a new gateway, for more straightforward internal API subscriptions and integrations.
  • Joined a task force evaluating the feasibility of Google Cloud for data ingestion projects, contributing Google Cloud expertise and certification.
Google Cloud


BEng Software Technology

Lyngby, 2017 - 2020




  • Danish (Native)
  • English (Fluent)

Emil Bonne Kristiansen

Volunteer Work

Open Source

  • Developed and maintains the official Nanostores integration for Lit. Simplifying state management in Lit components, and helps interop Lit with other frameworks. Gained recognition through a recommendation in the Astro framework's documentation.
  • Contributed pull requests with bug fixes and improvements to various Open Source libraries, with the most impactful being JSZip and Serde.
  • Contributed bug reports and feedback to various Open Source libraries, including Valibot where I was credited as a contributor early on for helping to improve the API.
  • TypeScript

Webmaster // Danish Frisbee Sport Union

2020 - 2022

Oversaw and optimized the organization's website, including migration to a cost-effective hosting solution. Set up a small webshop for selling merchandise and built a dedicated site for a high school PE program.

  • Orchestrated the migration of the website to a more cost-efficient hosting provider, achieving significant cost savings for the organization.
  • Launched a webshop to diversify revenue streams through merchandise sales.
  • Developed a specialized website to support a high school PE program, extending the organization's reach into educational settings.

Other Skills

  • Version control (Git)
  • CI/CD (Github Actions)
  • Linters and formatters (ESLint, Prettier)
  • Package management (npm)
  • Testing (Jest, Vitest)
  • Agile development (Scrum)
  • Design systems (Tailwind)
  • Web performance (Lighthouse)
  • Web analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Web hosting (Vercel, Firebase)


  • I attend meetups and follow the latest trends in web dev.
  • I play Ultimate Frisbee. I am a national champion and played on the national team in 2022.

Personal Projects

Co-founder // Disc Tree


Outside of my employment hours, I co-founded Disc Tree, an e-commerce venture in the Disc Golf niche. My role centers around website development and backend automation, with no overlap or conflict with my primary job responsibilities.

  • Designed and implemented a Shopify webshop, integrated with transport management and bookkeeping systems.
  • Developed custom applications and scripts to automate tasks related to data collection, reporting, and image processing, enhancing operational efficiency.